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Procedural Justice Study on Women's Health Multidistrict Litigation


Are You A Plaintiff in a Women's Health MDL?

Mass torts include: Pelvic Mesh, Talcum Powder, Mentor ObTape, Yasmin/Yaz, Mirena, NuvaRing, Silicone Gel Breast Implants, Ortho Evra, Norplant, Fen-Phen, Dalkon Shield, Power Morcellator, Ephedra, Fosamax, Monat Hair Care, Rio Hair Naturalizer, Prempro, Protegen Sling, and Zoloft



Participation is Confidential.

All identifying information will be kept completely confidential.  This survey with have no impact on your case.  You may skip any questions that you would prefer not to answer.

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to answer questions about your experience with your lawyer, the litigation process, and any third-party funding. The survey does not ask for confidential case or settlement information and participants may skip any questions that they are not comfortable answering.

Unbiased and University Funded.

This project is in no way affiliated with or funded by anyone with a stake in these proceedings.


Professor Burch has no clients. She has no ties whatsoever to any of the corporations, funders, claims administrators, or lawyers on either side, nor is she affiliated with the courts. She does not consult for lawyers on either side and all of the funding for this project comes from the University of Georgia.

Why Participate?

Your input and feedback will enable academics to make more specific observations about what aspects (if any) of the multidistrict litigation process are working well and, if there are areas that need to be improved, to make recommendations about how the court system might make those improvements. 

In the past, Professor Burch has been asked to present to the judges who handle these cases and this survey is a way for plaintiffs to voice their thoughts about the process.

For More Information


Frequently Asked Questions

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Fuller E. Callaway Chair of Law

University of Georgia School of Law

Working on Computer

Survey for International Mesh Plaintiffs


"Many law review articles have been written about the procedural challenges for lawyers and judges when it comes to handling multidistrict litigation, but few studies have focused on what hurdles litigants may face when their cases are part of large consolidated actions.

One law professor is looking to change that with a study she is undertaking that seeks to hear from litigants who have brought a claim through the MDL process.



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