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Procedural Justice Study Mentioned in the New York Times Article on Pelvic Mesh

New York Times reporter Matthew Goldstein just published a deep dive into the settlement amounts that pelvic mesh plaintiffs are receiving, with a spotlight on Sherise Grant. After lawyers' fees and other expenses, Ms. Grant's $12,000 payout was reduced to $3,500.

I've given the nuts and bolts of attorneys' fees in a previous post and will revisit the $366 million common-benefit fee awarded to lead lawyers in the pelvic mesh multidistrict proceedings soon. But today's short post has a simple aim: to draw attention to the ongoing study on procedural justice mentioned in the New York Times article.

The study includes all pelvic mesh plaintiffs as well as victims of other women's health MDLs like Mentor ObTape and Protegen Sling. If you fall into this group, please take a few minutes to complete the confidential survey.


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